Green Lantern Costume for women and girlsI love Women Superheroes.  Don’t you?

 This website is dedicated to all the fabulous females who are superheroes every day (and may not even know it).
Watchmen Silk Spectre Costume

So grrls!  If you’re like me, you know and love these characters from our favorite comic book, Emma Frost Girls Costumegraphic novel, action movie, or even TV Show…

The Simpsons Duff Beer Girl Costume

Jean Grey Phoenix

Thor Costumes for Women  …but have you noticed that all too often,

 this little gambit is left to the boys?



Catwoman Accessories

You don’t have to be deprived!  It’s “Hammer Time!!!!”

Thor Girl Costume

Thor Girl Costume: Can she accessorize, or what?!

Women make awesome superheroes, too.  So let me help you explore this wonderful world of fierce female fashions.

The following pages are my own account of some of the best superheroine outfits available today.  I hope you will find the images and commentary useful or even slightly amusing as you pick out a fab female fashion for Halloween or anytime!  These are some of my all-time fav costumes and I don’t think you will find a more comprehensive collection available anywhere else!  Not only that, but there are some truly great deals available.


Notice! Notice!  Notice!  Notice the following:

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The pages of Superhero Costumes for Women are designed to help you easily find what you are looking for.   Shop til your little heart is content.  Read the reviews, look at the pictures, and judge for yourself.  People can have very different opinions about the same object, so truly — while someone else’s opinions are helpful to consider, you get to make the decision that’s right for YOU.

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Then await your package ‘o’ fun in the mail!  That’s it!

And don’t worry.

If you order a costume online and then don’t like it, you’ll love the hassle-free return policy, so you’ve got nothing to lose.

I wish you a lot of fun!  Sit back, sip on some hot mulled cider, browse through these pages, and practice your sinister Halloween laugh now and then (but not where your boss can hear you!).


So girls, grrls, and grils!  (that’s just ‘girls’ with the letters mixed up.)  Did you love watching Batman, Wonder Woman, Spiderman, or even The Avengers when you were a kid?  There’s something about the fantasy of having superpowers that is ever-appealing.  This year, harness your own natural superpower — your power as a female superhero.  With a bit of input from Superhero Costumes For Women, you can look and feel like a smart, powerful superheroine and knock ’em dead in the street.  Check out the really fun Duff Beer Girl costume; the currently popular Green Lantern outfit for girls and women or Thor Costumes for Women, Thor Costumes for Girls, or Teen Thor Costumes;  Watchmen Costumes for Women, Captain America for WomenWonderwoman, Jean Grey Phoenix, Emma Frost, Supergirl, Batgirl, Catwoman, a Viking Woman or Warrior …. … or dozens of other cool female superheroine outfits.

And Hey!  Don’t think for a minute you have to be a stick-skinny supermodel to pull off a superheroine outfit with style and pizzazz.  Trust me on this.  I ain’t the sticky-est pretzel stick in the bag (meaning I have more than a few curves), but there’s something about seeing a woman in a superhero costume that men seem to love, especially if you bare a bit of bosom, step out with confidence, and snap that cape around a bit.  There are lots of regular and plus-size options to choose from in the great classics, like Batgirl, Supergirl, Wonderwoman, Zombie costumes, or Viking outfits.  Or consider:

Fiona outfit    Elegant Viking

Fiona (from baby to size 12)                              Elegant viking robe set – many sizes.

Simpsons DuffGirl / DuffWoman costumeMeanwhile, in your Duff Beer Girl costume  (aka Duff Girl or DuffWoman), you can spread good cheer (and beer) everywhere you go!  ALWAYS a party favorite!

but wait!

Everyone has their own opinion, but perhaps one of my all-time favorite costumes is the highly versatile Gladiator Girl aka Babe-A-Lonian costume below. It comes in a wide range of  sizes and looks absolutely stunning.  I’m not sure why I like this costume so much, but it might have to do with this video of a model demonstrating how it moves.  Watch it and see.  Click here to see a really cool video of this costume in action!

 Babe-A-Lonian Warrior - gladiator girl

 Dozens of superheroine outfits to choose from for all ages and sizes!

Whatever your age, size, or style, it’s your time to shine!

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman

While male superhero characters have been around for years, women entered the scene in 1941 when William Moulton Marston (who also invented the polygraph) and his wife, Elizabeth Holloway Marston, together with Olive Byrne, created the first female superhero:  Wonder Woman.  Since Wonder Woman’s creator also invented the polygraph, it’s “no wonder” that one of her weapons is the magic lasso.  (This is how you can REALLY get those elusive cowboys to tell you the truth!)

Wonder Woman was immediately popular, and she became a founding member and icon along with Batman and Superman of the Justice League of America.  There have been numerous female superheroes to follow, however, Wonder Woman has remained one of the most popular female superheroes of all time.

 Love the idea of being a Superhero, but can’t decide which one?

Let Superhero Costumes For Women help you out:  Take the Quiz!

Or, just browse through some of these other great possibilities here at Superhero Costumes For Women:

Thor Warrior Princess Costume


Jean Grey (Phoenix)

Captain America for Women

Emma Frost

The Flash “Secret Wishes

The Watchmen’s Silk Spectre….



Not to mention:


Supergirl Costume

Every female ought to have the opportunity to enjoy wearing superheroine outfits, so don’t forget the baby! (Several “super” options for your cutie pie!)


Or even the Ever-Popular Batgirl … now offering Plus Size superheroine Batgirl outfits AS WELL as baby!

Batgirl Plus-Size Costume


Femme fatales of all ages.  You know as well as I that even though we allegedly live in an advanced society, women are still underrepresented in many areas.  This is true in the superhero realm, and especially so for black women superheroes.  Has there even been one movie with a black woman superhero in it?  I don’t think so, but let me know if I’m wrong.  Thankfully, there have been many black women superheroes in comic books, and this wonderful video is a good start at doing them justice.

Listen.  Superhero Costumes For Women knows that you’re already a hip, magnificent superwoman.  This Halloween, get a great costume and let it shine!  I encourage you to feed that desire.   Indulge yourself for a moment.   Let the idea of yourself as a superhero kindle and smolder in your imagination, until it clicks into gear!   Wouldn’t it feel great to “own the streets?”  Wouldn’t it be fun to feel powerful, respected, and revered by “bad guys” and trusty citizens alike?  Wouldn’t it be amazing to know that nothing or no one was going to stop you from getting what you want?

Heck yeh, it would!  So nurture the image of yourself as you plow down the sidewalk turning heads left and right — all the while oblivious to the adoration, because  YOU are a superhero and you already know your own power and worth!

The power of imagination is extraordinary.  It gives us the ability to not only envision what we want for ourselves, but to create our very lives.  It all starts with how you feel about yourself and your life; about having confidence and feeling good.  Once you have those things in place, you can manifest better things in your life by focusing on those feelings.  And one way to extend those feelings is to play around with the feeling of being a superheroine.   Browse around Superhero Costumes For Women and maybe you’ll find your dream power outfit and select one of our awesome superheroine outfits right here on this website.

Take your time. You can have some fun, spend a little time, and create your own superhero, or browse the site and go for an easy, all-put-together look that you can find right here. There is something here for all sizes, shapes, and ages of women and girls:  female versions of male superheroes; baby, toddler, child, and teen outfits; superhero costumes for kids halloween; rustic, primitive Thor and medieval Viking Women style costumes; and sexy, powerful superhero costumes for women wearing plus sizes.

For even more ideas, visit to explore thousands of other costume and accessorization possibilities.

Remember:  You’re already a Dreamgirl Superhero!

Whatever you do, have a GREAT Halloween!

Watch a sweet little video here to see lots of costume images at once:





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